Celine Engelstad – Goddess

The Jewelry brand Celine Engelstad was created by designer Cecilie Engelstad og marketer Gunnvor Vik in 2007. And has become a succsefull Jewelry brand her in Norway. They are inspired by dreams, travels, nostalgic memories, and stories from everyday life. Each piece comes to life in its own unique sense, and is vibrant, feminine, sexy & unique.

Their new collection is called Goddess, where princess Märtha Louise is contributor. This is an uniqe collab, where Martha Louise and her business partner Elisabeth Noreng uses their knowledge about healing stones to embellish the collection.



CE_13-01_0285_Photos are from Celine Engelstad

All materials are of high quality, and every piece is handmade in 925 silver or 925 silver with 14 carat gold plating. They also use materials as Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, genuine leather and precious stones. Some products are more traditionally designed, others are more innovative combinations, like multi-functional jewelry allowing you to change the length and combinations. See their video her